• Has your number plate been cloned?

    08/12/2020 - Motasoft Administrator
    The number of people reporting that they’ve received motoring fines for offences that they haven’t committed as increased recently. In some cases, their car is supposed to have been hundreds of miles from where they actually were. What’s more, the people getting the fines can prove they weren’t wher...

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  • Personalised number plates: our guide

    08/12/2020 - Motasoft Administrator
    Personalised number plates are not only reserved for the rich and famous. Millions of Pounds are spent each year on buying and transferring number plates, and anyone can buy one. A personalised number plate makes your vehicle stand out and look more unique, buying one can cost anything from £250 up ...

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  • Tips and Advice: driving in wet conditions

    08/12/2020 - Motasoft Administrator
    With summer now just a distant memory, it is time to think about autumn and winter. We might have the odd sunny day, but we should be better prepared for rain and wind in the next few months. Our guide to driving in wet conditions will give you some top tips for staying safe on the roads. Check you...

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  • Thieves using technology can steal cars in seconds

    08/12/2020 - Motasoft Administrator
    You have probably heard news stories circulating about thieves stealing cars from a driveway without even having to break into a house and taking the keys. Modern cars have keyless entry and keyless starting which makes this type of theft possible. Thieves carry a portable relay device that picks u...

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  • MOT Checklist

    08/12/2020 - Motasoft Administrator
    Book online or ask at reception about availability If you didn't already know, Motorvation is your local MOT testing station. Our highly trained technicians can perform an MOT while you wait (subject to availability). So, next time your MOT is due, give us a call or book online. In addition, the t...

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I highly recommend Motorvation been using them for years I wouldn't go anywhere else

Ian McLeod

These guys get the job done. They'll do anything they can to help you out.

Matthew Watson

Not overpriced, good quality work, knowledgeable and helpful staff, what's not to like!

John Worth

Have used this place for years. Always great polite service and very well priced. Also very honest and not trying to up-sell work that doesn't need doing.

Jonathan Miller

Very happy with my visit today, MOT concluded with some action required, and they were happy to help but not in a pushy way. Price was good and certainly no feeling of being ripped off like other places in Bedford. Happy to recommend and visit again.

Michael Paul

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