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Check Your Tyre Pressures

Checking your vehicles tyre pressure is a relatively simple procedure that you can carry out from home in just a couple of minutes.
The first step is to find the correct pressure rating for your vehicle, this can be found either in the vehicles manual, printed on the inside ledge of the driver’s door or inside the petrol cap. Your vehicles pressure settings are determined by the manufacturer and varies depending on the make and model.
All you need is an accurate pressure gauge in order to test your tyres pressure, simply remove the dust cap on the valve, attach the pressure gauge and note down the result. If your tyres require additional air you can inflate them from home using an air pump or you can use the facilities provided at most petrol stations. If the pressure chart indicates that your tyre is overinflated you can allow air to escape whilst the dust cap is off.
If you are still unsure or uneasy about checking your tyre pressures then why not drop down to us and we will gladly check you pressures free of charge.