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If you have a puncture, Motorvation is here to check the tyre for you and to fix it professionally and safely.

What can I do to prevent a puncture?

The vast majority of punctures are not preventable, but the following can help to reduce the risk:

  • Regularly check the treads on your tyres for imbedded glass or foreign material.
  • Make sure your tyres are always inflated correctly and don’t forget to check the spare tyre as well.

How do I know something is wrong?

In case of slow air leakage, this can be either visually detected (tyres shows a lower profile than other tyres on the car) or felt during driving (handling behaviour is gradually changing).

In case of sudden air loss, one immediately feels a loss in control. Try to slow down while steadily holding the steering wheel and stop immediately to replace your tyre.

If your car is equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), the system alerts you as soon as there is a drop in tyre pressure of one of the tyres.

In case your car is equipped with Run Flat Tyres, you can still control the vehicle when there is a sudden loss of air pressure. RFT tyres allow you to move the vehicle at limited speed for a limited distance.

What should I do when I think I have a puncture?

For sake of safety and to avoid further damage of your tyre, wheel or car, one should best have the tyre checked as soon as possible. Pullover, replace the tyre with your spare and head down to Motorvation.

If you have Run Flat Tyres, however, the reinforced sidewall of the run-flat tyres makes sure you can drive on for about 80 kilometres, at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

We do however advise you, also in case of a Run Flat Tyre, to consult the nearest tyre dealer to have your tyre repaired or replaced.

How many times can a tyre be repaired?

Before attempting a repair, consult the vehicle owner’s manual for restrictions. The vehicle manufacturer may restrict the use of repaired tyres on its vehicles.

Whether or not a tyre can be repaired is subject to the damage and location of the puncture. For safety reason, only a puncture in the tyre tread should be repaired, never the sidewall.

Always have it repaired by a specialist. Motorvation is professionals. All repairs are done according to the strictest safety guidelines.

Can all punctures be repaired?

No, not all problems can be repaired. That’s why it’s so important to have it checked by a specialist. If the puncture is located within the tread area, the tyre can usually be repaired. If the puncture is located on the tyre’s shoulder or sidewall areas however, it should not be repaired.

If it is impossible to repair the punctured tyre, Motorvation will advise you on which new tyre is needed.


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