How to choose a tyre?

Tips and advice from Motorvation

The best tyre match depends on the type of car you have, your driving style, where you drive and when you drive. We are here to help you but the following recommendations will assist you to make the ideal shortlist.

What type of car do you drive?

All car models are different. The tyres that go with your car depend on the load-carrying capacity, the maximum speed and other characteristics of your car. You can check your car manual or just check our car selector. Always choose the correct tyre size and speed rating for your car. The tyre size is on the side of the tyre. Here, you can find out how to read a tyre size.

Which tyres do I need if I am a sporty driver?

If you’re a sporty driver, you need tyres that have high levels of grip on dry and wet roads, that respond quickly and that provide maximum stability in curves.

Where do you drive most often?

  • In an urban environment

You consume more fuel in the city. However, you can save on your bills by choosing low-rolling-resistance tyres. Because you need to brake and accelerate more often, you need tyres with a long wear life. Always check your tyres offer an excellent braking distance since you need to brake more often and more rapidly in an urban environment (cyclists, pedestrians, traffic lights,...).

  • Motorways

If you drive a lot on motorways, you drive faster than average. That’s why you need high-performance tyres that will ensure your safety, whatever the weather conditions. Since you probably do a lot of long distances, choose a tyre that offers maximum comfort (noise, vibrations,...).

  • Off-road

SUVs need 4x4 tyres that are impact-resistant, and offer excellent performance and traction on- and off-road. If you use your SUV mostly on roads, it is best to choose a tyre that will give you a comfortable experience on the road with some extra features for off-road conditions.

When do you drive?

You can choose all-season tyres or a combination of winter and summer tyres. Read more on tyres throughout the seasons here.


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