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Tyres Throughout The Seasons

Motorvation offer winter, summer and all-season tyres. It is important to keep in mind that tyres are your only contact with the road. This why it is vital to make the right choice for tyres throughout the seasons.

Why are there winter and summer tyres?

The main reason why there are winter and summer tyres is the temperature, as this has a major effect on how the tyre sticks to the road. As the temperature drops the summer tyre tread compound has less ability to grip the road whereas that of the winter tyre improves in comparison. When driving on snow and ice the winter tyre really shows its form with huge improvements in braking, traction and handling when compared to a summer tyre.
With winter tyres, the performance in summer is not as good as a summer tyre and braking and handling can be negatively affected.
We would recommend that you always fit the correct tyre for the season. In certain markets such as Germany, Austria and Nordic countries there are specific laws on winter tyres. We recommend you check local laws when travelling in winter.

When I should have my winter tyres fitted?

The change between summer and winter times is an easy to remember point to change tyres. Waiting for the first day of frost or snow means that you run some risk during the first winter weather days. It also will normally mean that you are in a queue with all the other people who forgot to change their tyres!

Are winter tyres really that much safer?

Yes, they are, because they are essential on cold and frozen roads and will perform better when it rains and thus reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Thanks to their special form and tread depth, they evacuate the water on the road. They also have better traction than summer tyres.
It is an essential safety choice: once the temperature drops below zero, the risk of having an accident multiplies by six.

What do the lamellae on winter tyres do?

Winter tyres have special lamellae that guarantee:
  • more traction: they have more biting edges to grip the road.
  • more grip: water on an ice surface is cleared into the sips.

Isn’t a combination of winter and summer tyres more expensive?

Winter tyres have special lamellae that guarantee:

Where do I store my tyres?

Tyres should be stored in a cool, dry and dark location away from electrical appliances and solvents. If you don’t want to lose space at home, you can also book them into the Motorvation tyre hotel. On demand, We will change them and store the other set for you.

What are all-season tyres?

All-season tyres have a tread pattern that is suitable all year round. It is more heavily sipped than a summer pattern, but less than a winter pattern. Although a compromise between summer and winter it can be a suitable choice for some users. If you choose all-season tyres, make sure to keep them in top-notch condition. Motorvation can give you more advice, please just give us a call or drop down and see us.